Both brains welcome

How it all started

Our founder, Doug Worple, was a right-brain person living in a left-brain world. At the dawn of the internet, he saw a greater need for this duality. He seized that moment and created an agency. An agency built on the idea that having to choose between science and creativity is a false choice. An agency that believes you can not only have both, but you need both. This agency. Our agency.

What’s with the name?

Our name was inspired by a poem that celebrated what would be at the core of the agency. Focused on the experience, the moment. This is what it means to go Barefoot.


I have had my moments.

If I had to live my life over again,
I would have more of them.
Just moments, one after another,
instead of living years ahead of each day.
I would start going barefoot earlier in the spring
and stay that way later in the fall.

And here we are, 30ish years later

Not much has changed. As a stand-alone agency within Omnicom’s RAPP family of brands, we’re still activating the power of a moment and solving business problems by merging world-class creative ideas rooted in a deep knowledge of consumers and a thorough understanding of data. We still drive measurable results. And we still put our people first.

We define our culture. And our culture defines us.

Each one of us at Barefoot brings so much more to the table than a billable skill set. We’ve built our agency around celebrating and showcasing the individuality of every person here. From the gamers to the book club-ers, the marathon runners and the home bakers, we love it all. Our culture is built to support how, when and where people do their best work, not someone else’s ideas about traditional workdays or workplaces. Our flexibility, mild fascination with four-legged family members, and opportunities to grow and engage are just part of what makes Barefoot so special.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Meaningful, world-class work happens when there’s a room full of unique, diverse voices. When we create an environment that’s inclusive to all — where everyone feels empowered to be their true selves at work — we are able to best serve our clients and community. 

The mission of the Barefoot DE&I Council, in partnership with Queen City Certified (a data-informed employer certification and leadership program), is to make Barefoot a more diverse and equitable workplace through representation, education and policy changes.

Representation: Improving our recruiting, interviewing and promotion processes to better attract, retain and advance diverse talent

Education: Providing ongoing DEI resources and funding for initiatives so our employees can grow and learn

Belonging: Creating an inclusive culture where our people feel safe, respected, confident, valued and treated equally

The work: Building a creative process that uplifts and reflects unheard voices, marginalized communities and diverse experiences

Supplier diversity: Working with diverse companies and vendors



This is an ongoing journey. Here’s how we’re tracking our progress.

Employee satisfaction: We regularly survey our employees for honest feedback on our progress and to identify areas for improvement.

Pay equity: As one of the Queen City Certified Leaders in Gender Equity, we regularly audit our wages, conduct employee surveys and develop action plans to ensure pay equity.

Continuous feedback: We encourage frank conversations among employees through regular listening circles and always-on feedback forms.

Who we work for

If it drives, flies, walks on two legs (or four), or grows in the ground, chances are we’re experts on it. From consumer packaged goods and pet care to energy and agriculture, we’ve made a name for ourselves by delivering meaningful, measurable business results for global leaders across the B2C and B2B landscape.

Who we work with

We have deep expertise in the industry’s leading marketing technology solutions, and we maintain top-tier relationships with these key partners.