So why are you really here?

Go ahead — give us your biggest business challenge. At Barefoot, we‘re more than just your brand experience agency; we’re your partners and collaborators. No matter why you come to us, you can expect open communication, integrated ways of working and best-in-class brand experiences powered by best-in-class tools, partnerships and strategy. Your goals are our goals. Connected by a shared view of success, we’ll celebrate every win together.

How can Barefoot help me to ...

We go beyond increasing awareness. We create enduring bonds between your brand and your audience.  


We start with audience data, unearthing a-ha insights to develop breakthrough ideas that are smart, bold and drive behavior change. We translate the idea across multiple touchpoints in the audience journey, creating micro-moments that build the brand and drive immediate results.  


We do more than just grow your current audience. We guide your brand into uncharted spaces with high growth potential.   


With industry-leading tools like Omni, a marketing platform that powers audience building, insights generation and channel planning, we propel your audience growth like never before.  We dive deep into the subtleties of your target audience, exploring various subsets and meticulously studying behaviors, needs, preferences and patterns.   


With these rich insights, we can attract and resonate with untapped customers, effectively expanding your target audience. We don’t just trust our instincts; we test and confirm them by relentlessly tracking our performance, identifying what’s driving success and what requires improvement. This commitment to constant high-touch optimization and performance-driven tactics sets us apart.   


We deliver brand experiences that generate enduring affinity rather than fleeting interest, giving your brands cohesive meaning and value.   


By analyzing each brand’s unique role, distinct identity, competitive landscape, and the specific needs of its audience, we develop a harmonized brand experience across the portfolio.  


This informs a comprehensive communication and integrated media strategy, ensuring your brands complement each other instead of competing. By leveraging consistent themes, synchronized campaigns and integrated media, we foster efficient and effective brand plans that resonate with your audience and elevate your market presence. 


It’s not enough to create content. As your integrated team of experts, we ensure that your brand’s voice is authentic and delivers on your brand values while customizing the content to the platform and staying current on trends.  


To create share-worthy content, we listen to the hearts and minds of your customers and pay attention to the cultural signals surrounding them. We imagine by creating ideas that are timely, relevant and useful. We validate plans at the brand level, implementing unique content across channels at speed to create community-driving conversations with “planned spontaneity.” Lastly, we execute the plan with clear KPIs and analyze the data to clearly see how well we’re performing, and then we respond, adapt and fine-tune to drive even more success. 


Through automation and personalization, we orchestrate data-driven experiences that consistently and accurately anticipate audience needs. 


Our priority is crafting an optimal customer experience, which is why we approach CRM from an experience-first perspective rather than technology-first. Every single interaction counts; we recognize the crucial value exchange between your brand and a customer — an exchange that we amplify through relevant personalization, not mere customization.


We don’t just execute tactics. We measure their impact, turning marketing from a cost center into a powerful sales driver.  


Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is non-negotiable in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. Understanding and quantifying the impact of each marketing tactic on sales is critical to making informed decisions and driving sustainable growth.   


We practice a data-driven approach, so we leverage insights gleaned from MMM to identify what works, what doesn’t, and how different channels and tactics interact. This allows us to optimize our strategies to help your marketing dollars work harder and smarter — and give you a higher ROI. 


What we do

Our fully integrated process encompasses experience strategy, experience design, integrated media and marketing science. Data guides every decision we make, from defining audiences to informing creative to driving our optimization and testing strategies. And it all works together to make every moment of your customers’ journeys count. 


  • Audience identification and expansion 
  • Experience mapping 
  • Brand and communications strategy 
  • Customer experience management strategy 
  • Content and social strategy 


  • Traditional media planning and buying 
  • Digital media planning and buying 
  • Search — paid and organic 
  • Social — paid and organic 


  • Campaign development 
  • Content studio 
  • Creative at scale/dynamic content optimization 
  • Social creative 
  • Digital experience 


  • Analytics reporting and insights 
  • Measurement strategy and test-and-learn designs 
  • Digital tagging and taxonomy 
  • Technical and content SEO 
  • Marketing mix modeling (MMM)