Goodbye, traditional marketing. Hello, Ag MMM.

At Barefoot, when we say we know Ag Marketing, we’re speaking from experience. We understand that you’re under pressure to become more efficient and effective with every dollar — to do more for less while keeping up with the rapid changes in growers’ needs and advancements in Precision Ag.


That’s where we come in. We can help you strategically blend Precision Marketing, specifically Ag MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling), with our ag expertise to deliver insightful and relevant solutions that will help you shift from traditional plans with unknown impact to a grower-focused, data-driven, connected plan with a clear ROI.


Built on a regression analysis to identify correlation between marketing investment and sales, Ag MMM allows us to understand the impact of marketing efforts so you can optimize activity and media channels accordingly.


What does that mean? What can it do for your business? Let’s dive a little deeper into Ag MMM.

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