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Clearblue logo with black woman holding pregnancy test
Clearblue logo with black woman holding pregnancy test

When we transformed reproductive health content into genuine, meaningful conversations

From the taboo around menstrual cycles to the emotional pain of infertility, it’s no wonder women and potential parents sometimes feel aimless in their reproductive health journeys. Clearblue wanted to throw those taboos out the window and offer resources beyond their product line, and we were thrilled to help.


Clearblue already offered blog content, but they needed to better understand their audiences before publishing more content and pursuing more organic traffic. The cultural landscape around health and reproductive wellness was — and still is — complicated. Women were struggling with pandemic issues and mental health concerns, and they were eager for knowledge and looking to online platforms for answers.


We started by defining specific Clearblue audiences and their needs, including conceivers, hopeful negatives and readers looking for information on pregnancy tests. Our audience audit helped develop content themes that worked with keyword and competitive research to build detailed content strategies. From period myths to tips on getting in the mood (yep, we went there), we created blog posts that spoke to real questions, searches, hopes and family planning goals. Blogs were circulated through an email system that met women, hopeful or uncertain new parents, and curious readers in both their highs and lows.


Within six months of launching our optimizations, the Clearblue blog program saw stellar results:

Blog traffic increased nearly 50%

Traffic for new blog posts increased 300+%

Total keyword count increased 87%, and overall keyword volume increased more than 200%


When we turned personalization into significant sales increases

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