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When we helped a global CPG company engage a new purpose-driven demographic

Inspired by insights that younger consumers are driven by different motivations and hold brands to a higher standard, we helped Procter & Gamble win the trust of millions of new members with an innovative platform designed to do good.


When CPG giant Procter & Gamble first came to us for a way to build consumer affinity for its portfolio of brands and capture consumer data, we developed a multibrand CRM platform that we called P&G Everyday.


As the platform grew to millions of members, we noticed the emergence of a new audience of young consumers — one that isn’t satisfied with purely transactional relationships with brands. This audience wants to know that the brands they choose are as committed to changing the world as they are. Connecting to this new audience while retaining loyal customers demanded an evolution in P&G’s approach.


We took the insight that this new generation of consumers is more purpose-driven and developed an entirely new value proposition, calling it P&G Good Everyday. This platform puts purpose at its heart, connecting everyday consumer purchases to P&G’s existing corporate global citizenship efforts and driving deeper, more valuable relationships between consumers and brands.


Fueled by consumer engagement, P&G:

Secured new, ongoing sources of first party data

Gained millions of new members, with millennials outperforming all groups

Delivered over 5 million acts of good to over 15 charities in its inaugural year and over 18 million acts of good to date.

Ultimately, P&G Good Everyday is helping to change the world — a few million acts of good at a time. 


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