farmer walking through grass with Bayer Crop Science logo
farmer walking through grass with Bayer Crop Science logo

When we helped an agricultural giant shift to focus less on what’s growing and more on the growers

As the digital revolution made its way through rural America, Bayer Crop Science needed a change in customer philosophy. Product-centric marketing wouldn’t cut it anymore; they needed to know their growers’ challenges inside and out to make marketing efforts real, tangible and successful.


Like the rest of agriculture, Bayer Crop Science was siloed — around brands, around crops and around preconceived notions. Marketing pushed one-dimensional solutions based only on sales as a measure of success. But greater digital access in rural America meant that growers, like everyone else, were changing. Their landscape of challenges, decisions and pain points was changing too, and Bayer needed to know those details in order to keep up.


We set out to put growers first, always. To build an all-encompassing strategy, we broke the country into 11 distinct grower groups based on geographic cultivation of major crops. Research and data informed Grower Profiles, personas that lent perspective on real customers. These profiles helped delegate Marcom assignments and budgets across groups. By better understanding their customers, Bayer Crop Science was able to plan and execute marketing efforts in a connected ecosystem and optimize based on tracked behaviors. 


Our grower audience work positioned us as a trusted partner of Bayer Crop Science in their forward momentum to a digital future. The grower-first foundation informed strategy across BCS businesses, including product-stage planning, email programs, paid search and more accurate consumer databases.


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