When pet owner behavior informed a highly scalable, hyper-targeted campaign

The brands you remember are the ones who remember you. But how do you make customers in every stage of pet ownership feel seen? Dynamic creative optimization powered a campaign with hundreds of targeted display ads, each customized to unique pet owners.


Breakthrough creative can only stem from deep and detailed audience data. As Elanco’s AOR, we used this mindset when developing a new campaign for Seresto, the #1selling flea and tick collar. Not all dogs are the same — and neither are dog owners. Seresto needed a creative approach that united customers in a common goal to ditch fleas and ticks while addressing varied, specific customer needs and challenges.


Our team mapped out multiple dog owner journeys and identified pivotal milestones for consumers, from flea infestations to recommendations from their vet. This data informed creative that reflected Seresto’s approachable, pet-first brand across audiences, from young millennials, to growing families, to empty nesters. Dynamic creative allowed us to unleash (pun intended) hundreds of personalized, targeted display ads to dog owners everywhere. The resulting toolkit was ownable and scalable, with every asset stemming from the same resounding message — that Seresto helps dog families stay happy and healthy. 


The dynamic creative optimization system garnered higher site traffic, more sales and subsequent opportunities for gathering consumer insights. Some highlights included: 

Onsite metrics exceeding all previous engagement metrics, consisting of 66% of the total traffic to Seresto pages

A 200% increase in purchase intent conversions

An increase in qualified customers through an expanded audience funnel


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