When we turned personalization into significant sales increases

When the COVID-19 lockdown made engaging with customers face-to-face a challenge, Bayer Crop Science needed to get smart with how they adapted virtually. We built them a smart engine — literally — to provide personalized, sales-boosting recommendations to their customers.


What do you do when you have too many high-value customers? And not enough sales reps — or hours in the day — to meet with them all? It’s a good problem to have, but stressful nonetheless. Our client, Bayer Crop Science, faced this exact issue of caring for their customer base in the midst of the pandemic. We stepped in to help fill a lucrative gap, full of potential.


Our team developed SmartEngine™, a program that turned rich data into personalized recommendations for customers. We used the data from the Bayer PLUS rewards program to identify where their customers are located, what they grow, how their last crop season had gone and more. With that information, SmartEngine connected to Bayer customers nationwide with personalized recommendations of useful products for the upcoming season.


The SmartEngine customized experience for each grower was second only to an in-person meeting with a Bayer rep. After SmartEngine™ launched, the program’s performance included milestones such as:

Unique connections with over 40,000 crop growers.

Engagement with emails and custom videos 3x above the previous benchmark.

A sales increase of over 21% across growers who received the SmartEngine™ recommendations.