When we used audience insights to get 700K+ new app installs

To many consumers, cryptocurrency is a crowded, often confusing space with a lot of noise and not much nuance. But by using a proprietary tool to identify new audiences and target our creative accordingly, we helped Voyager become the fastest-growing crypto app in the US.


Voyager was a fledgling crypto brand in a fiercely competitive category, fighting for attention with much larger and more established platforms, and amid consumer trust issues and advertising restrictions.


Undaunted, Voyager had a lofty goal: To grow from 270,000 funded accounts to more than 2 million. The company turned to us to help build a leading crypto brand and performance marketing engine. 


We leveraged Omni, a proprietary consumer insights and marketing orchestration tool, to identify an audience seven times larger than the original client-identified target and organized it into two groups: people already trading crypto and people who are open to it.  


And we didn’t stop there. We then broke down those two groups into 18 demographic micro-segments indexed against 17 platforms and channels to create 306 nano-segments. Insights about those audiences, all the way down to their taste in music, informed both creative and media strategies and a multichannel full-funnel approach that optimized existing efforts like search, social and programmatic.  


Finally, we built a custom dashboard that gave Voyager a single view into more than 10 data sources highlighting performance and brand KPIs. Through weekly work sessions with clients, we made real-time recommendations, continually adjusting creative, audience and budgets as needed.


Using insights about our audiences to inform our strategy led to:

700,000 new installs

1 million+ active app users

8x media investment


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